How to Make the Best Out of Spelled Items

Is the Love Witch SG a Scam

Here's what you need to know to manifest our products better! While the items are spelled, most people think it's just simply a wave of wand of magick. This is not true. YOUR intentions matter a lot in your magic too! Learn these tips, be very patient; realistic; and wish for realistic things. For example, if someone has done bad to you, a realistic approach would be to magically spell for the similar things to happen back to them. Note things do take time! If you wished for karma to happen unto someone like a downfall of a company, it takes time for a company to run into debts. If you wish for more money, make sure you find out your strengths in making money via a Birth Chart Analysis (usually free online) and make actions to do so. This way, the spelled items would amplify these opportunities and let the universe and deities work in your favour! Happy Spell-ing!