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Are you ready to elevate your manifestation game? Don't know exactly what spells and our products can help you? What better way than to sign up for our workshop. Did we mention it's at a very afforable price of $10 with no obligations? We want to help educate you better in your manifestation journey!

What You'll Get:

  1. Expert Tips: Learn from our store manager himself on the best way to boost the efficacy of your manifestations
  2. 1-on-1 Help: As slots are limited, the workshop size will be really small and so you will be able to ask away and have all your queries answered!
  3. Special Offers: At the end of the workshop, you will receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT only available to workshop participants! (Only if you wish to purchase- we are not pushy!) You will also be given Petition Paper and your choice of a Chime Candle at the end of the workshop.
Learn how to manifest with our ritual oils and how our ritual oils can be used in various ways. From setting intentions to application to combining our oils with other products to boost the efficacy of your intentions, you will get an in-depth run down of how to use our oils. 
Learn how to use our candles to boost your intentions. We will go into how the different colours help in manifestation and the difference between figure and chime candles, as well as to get a first-hand experience on the process of candle usage!
A book that makes your wishes come true? How does it work? Delve deep into our wishing books and understand how you can use them to help you with your intentions. 
Our wide jewellery line boasts every spell you could think of from smoothening relationships to increasing your wealth. However, are you really using these essential pieces to the best of it's abilities? Get an in-depth knowledge to how our spellcast jewellery can magnify your desires.
Never knew which deities to work with? We will introduce you a methodology to understand which deities would be appropriate and the spiritual science as to how and why! We also show you how to communicate with deities and even spirits. An interesting showcase never to miss!

Manifest Effectively with TLW Witchcraft Workshop - Learn to Manifest Your Desires!