Personal Mission

Bambi's personal motto: "Be kind to the kind, bring the bad to justice". Her biggest goal is for society to bring forward a utopian era where people would live in harmony and to fiercely correct errant human habits- cheating; sexism and animal abusing. She hopes to use every drop of her talent including psychic abilities to shift the world into a more socially responsible place. Having personally battled depression and PTSD, Bambi has made it her lifelong mission to achieve enough to build a charitable foundation for mental health.


Personal Vision

Bambi envisions a society where people would embody extensive knowledge about polytheism (belief on various Gods and Goddesses) as well as for individuals to adopt a more personal approach in healing themselves in the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects.


Background Story

Having been spiritually sensitive all her life (with thanks to her family lineage), she did not expect herself to find success on e-commerce app 'Carousell' when she offered Tarot Consultations and Spell services. She then moved herself to a more international platform 'Etsy' where she was recognised as a Top-Selling Spellcaster. She was also awarded Platinum for Transparency (verified true reviews) on by Judge.Me, and top 10% for trending on online shops associated with JudgeMe.
At present, she has decided to create her own platform and store in Singapore such that more people can experience magic, and to debunk false beliefs.

A huge animal lover, she insists on offering her pet reiki services free for anyone who needs some help for their elderly or sickly pets, and has set aside 30 sessions each month for this. She also is an active activist for animals and for the marginalised community. She can be quite strong on opinions so watch it!