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[LIMITED EDITION] Archetype Essence of the Dark Feminine Witch Oil

[LIMITED EDITION] Archetype Essence of the Dark Feminine Witch Oil

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[LIMITED EDITION] Archetype Essence of the Dark Feminine Witch Oil

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Bambi has been renowned for her witchcraft knowledge for years, but what many do not know is the “archetype” she taps onto the collective subconscious and higher self that defined her life path for years. 

The spelled oil is imbued with her main essence of her personality, thoughts, Higher Self, and her personal embodiment of energy. It is known that she has worked her way up and become well-known, much to both of many’s people’s likings and dislikings. You may question about why a witch can be disliked? But a witch, who is powerful and strong, has always been a threat to which we know the term “witch hunt”. Some people who are weaker and meaner in their personal constitutions especially spiritually, would never identify with growth. And a person who is spiritually strong, will know how to manoeuvre their way to their own success and triumphing over attacks by the weaker. 

The spelled oil embodies the dark feminine trait, with not only its physical representation but also empowered with intentions by Bambi. 

The gold flakes in the oil represent unlimited wealth attraction and the embodiment of class, intellectual inspiration, unique thoughts. 

The rose petals represents charisma, divine feminine power, and the ability to use the divine feminine power to catalyse the most positive and powerful changes in you to expedite your strengths to benefits you require.

The cornflower represents intuition. No powerful and successful person does not rely on intuitive knowledge and visions. The embodiment of the cornflower picked by Bambi can tap onto your Higher Self, to help make wiser decisions. 

The blood-red dye that sinks to the bottom offers a unique perception and drawing the spiritual world when you need it. Bambi says, “every strong and dark feminine person will require protection, the ability to manoeuvre as power becomes bigger and so do threats and sabotages become bigger.” The blood red dye also signifies putting up false “smell” to mask yourself to hide under threats and to be able to show up whenever advantages are in your favour

The whole entire spelled oil helps, but not limited to:

  • Unlimited wealth attraction
  • Adding unique charisma, and bringing out the divine feminine
  • ⁠Expedited positive transformation, to be the best woman out of yourself
  • Higher intuition and better decision making
  • Protection of yourself when faced with danger and threats, even having the necessary intuition and knowledge to manipulate bad manipulators that appear in your life
  • Increased connection with the spiritual world
  • The ability to hide from predators and take advantage of the situation to become predators of predators

How to Use:

1. For Body Method: Draw the spelled oil from the top (with clear oil separated from the dye)

2. For Candle/Spell work: Draw the spelled oil from the bottom (when clear red dye is sitting at bottom) and anoint on charged candles, to draw especially protection and ability to succeed in situations

Best paired with:

Recommended usage:

Highly recommended to be coated on relevant candles for boost of manifestation during moon phases, and wear relevant spellcast jewellery for higher probability of manifestation. 

If desiring to work on a specific scope of manifestation over a period of time, hold the oil bottle with your palms and infuse a maximum of 3 intentions. 

If desiring to work with the ritual oil for a range of different manifestation purposes, there is no need to set intentions onto the oil bottle - instead, coat the ritual oil onto candles and set intentions onto the candle’s flame. 

Also recommended* to infuse ritual oils onto heat points of the body i.e. wrists and behind ears, while visualizing and vocalizing the manifestation as an additional boost to intention magick and law of attraction. If you are unable to burn candles, then the body method is the secondary option. 

*except curse/hexing oils


All components of this product are spelled. Please note that these are handmade in small batches so the colour, intensity and fragrance might differ from what is pictured.

1x 30ml glass dripper bottle 

Ingredients: 100% olive oil, mica powders, gold flakes, herbs and natural fragrance (to boost the elemental nature of the oil)

Please note that these are handmade in small batches so the colour, intensity and fragrance might differ from what is pictured.

Other recommended ways to use:

You may choose to combine the methods listed below for extra potency.

The intended target can be you, you and someone, or someone else. If you are using the oils to target a group of people, simply separate them into individuals during spell work while using the oil. 

The Petition Method

The Body Method



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