"To empower the disadvantaged and uninformed, with the awareness of making better decisions."

Ali hopes for a world where those who are sometimes robbed of their personal power to thrive, will be given the empathy, support, and opportunity, to live their lives to the fullest potential. He aspires to use his abilities as a hereditary witch and spirit communicator, to help victims of manipulation and abuse, to rise and take control of their lives, by making better choices.


Ali was a Ministry of Education full-time teacher for 13 years, teaching English & Literature to Secondary School students. He is also a dance teacher to children with special needs since 2006. Ali believes in promoting empathy and understanding others before concluding a judgment.

Ali comes from a line of magicians, his paternal grandfather being a prominent healer for his community, and his maternal side exhibiting strong sensitivity to spirits. He grew up discussing dreams and spirit sightings with his siblings and parents.

Ali started playing with divination games since he was in primary school, from making his own message board and divining using pencils and coins, to purchasing his first Ouija Board when he was 13. He also tried his hand at spell casting in his teens, casting his first major spell at the age of 16 with resounding success (4 bullies got expelled).

Being an empath, Ali took to caring for animals and working with people with disabilities for a large part of his adult life. He is the proud father of 3 adopted cats, one of whom is disabled but loved and cared for by him all the same. Ali has also been a dedicated dance teacher for people with varying intellectual and physical disabilities since 2006.

He has embraced the magick he inherited since a falling-out with a misogynistic faith, and has never looked back.