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7-Day Love Attraction Kit - Beginner Level

7-Day Love Attraction Kit - Beginner Level

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All components of our oils are spelled.

Each DIY spell kit has been specially curated with the best combination of items from our store to help you manifest your desires.

No prior experience is necessary for this kit as it acts as a good introduction to performing your first ritual at home!

You will receive the following items in your kit:


Day One:

  • Open the Love Wishing Book to the page with your written intentions
  • Carve yours and your target's full name and DOB onto one of the Charged Red Candles
  • Coat the Charged Red Candle with the Make You Love Me Oil
  • Burn the Charged Red Candle on a fire safe dish next to the Love Wishing Book with the page containing your written intentions open
  • Ensure that the Charged Red Candle burns completely

Day Two - Day Seven:

  • Repeat the same procedure for Day One

Video Tutorial:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
It works!

Just bought it two days ago. I haven’t started to light up red candles yet but I used the oil on my body immediately.
Now a friend, who haven’t talked to me for few months, starts to say out her feelings when I tried to ask about her problems.
The teacher who made fun of me is not playing with my limits today!
Every time I apply it on my body makes me love my self more and more!
Thanks, TLW teams! This oil really works!
Now I’m going to do a ritual for my loved ones to help them find their happiness and the love they deserve.
I will make my loved ones happy!