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Armanqa - Goddess Tezrian Priestess (Spirit Companion)

Armanqa - Goddess Tezrian Priestess (Spirit Companion)

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Name: Armanqa

Goddess Tezrian is the Goddess of War and battle in the Armenian mythology. Armanqa is a spirit that worshipped Tezrian since hundreds years ago.

Armanqa is non-forgiving, competitive, fierce and loyal.

Armanqa is bound to a Genuine Moss Agate Sphere (5.5 CM Rad).

She can offer her companion;

  • Triumphing over battles that require strong mind, great strategy, and exacting the right verbal words to successfully knock over enemies or situations
  • Instilling right frame of mind to prepare for any battles, even if it means losing a while to prepare for higher success
  • Conquering enemies or situations by working with spirit to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses that is difficult to find out through non-supernatural means
  • Forming powerful diplomatic relationships with other spirits that work with the Armenian pantheon
  • Fortifying strongly on protection - spiritually, astrally and physically
  • Also helps to relearn human techniques to avert troubles that cause conflicts
  • Armanqa helps especially with business, politics, and social standing


  1. Veneration to Tezrian(Offerings to Tezrian),
  2. Blue and Purple candles
  3. Art or Drawings of classical battles
  4. Gin
  5. High quality/Luxurious alcohol


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