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Banish Unknown Enemies Spell Kit™

Banish Unknown Enemies Spell Kit™

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If you know someone who has been sending you bad vibes, gossip, or even trying to undo your achievements, but you just don't know WHO exactly is doing so, we've got you covered. Stop their actions from progressing any further with this kit.

Be careful with this kit, and only use it when it is justified.

Each Banish Unknown Enemies Kit™ includes:

>> Instructions
  • Write your intentions in the Karma Wishing Book™ and coat your writing with a few drops of the Deadliest D.U.M.E™.

  • Coat the Tombstone Candles™ with the Deadliest D.U.M.E™ and place it on a fire-safe dish next to the Karma Wishing Book™ (be sure to leave the book open to the page where your intentions have been written on).

  • Let the candle burn out.

>> Video Tutorial

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Customer Reviews

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Banish them!

I got the Banish Unknown Enemies Kit from TLW Together with the Fiery Wall of Protection Oil.
My enemies were very toxic and disgusting as they have spreaded false rumors about me after cheating my money. They have backstabbed me multiple times and even had the guts to emotionally drain me of my friendship, one of them even told others that if I cannot give him enough money, there is no point of me being his friend as he only appreciate rich people being in his circle of friends! He even told his circle of "friends" that i was stingy AF and wouldn't spend enough money on him?
I was utterly disgusted by him, because real friendships doesn't have to be based on monies only. All so i bought the Banish unknown enemies spell kit and performed the ritual hoping to cut off ties with them and stop the negativity coming from them. After which they kind of lessened the gossips and backstabbing about me but they were still lingering around me, his group of friends and himself got struck with karma almost immediately as more people got to know about how disgusting they were and heightened their alerts, previously none of them believed me when i told them about my situation, so now some stupid individuals will continue to be cheated by them and spend money on these ingrates. I am glad that i no longer have such "fake" friends around me who exploits me of my feelings and resources.
Thank you Bambi and TLW team for the great product! I supposed i might need more black candles to match with the D.U.M.E oil to perform more rituals in order to totally get them out of my life