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Wealth & Beauty Necklace - Limited Edition

Wealth & Beauty Necklace - Limited Edition

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This necklace has been spelled to bless its wearer to:

  • Increase your charisma and helps you come across as more attractive to people around you
  • Increase good feelings of people towards you(e.g During job interviews, colleagues, bosses)
  • Helps with your glamor aura
  • Boosts confidence
  • Helps manifest a glow of exquisite magnetic attraction that is irresistible to the masses
  • Increase the power of erotic, sensual energy, hypnotic aura
  • Stimulates you and amplifying your natural pheromones
  • Increases your sex appeal 
  • Helps manifest good words to your ears
  • Helps you manifest the discernment of manipulation tactics applied on you 
  • Manifest empathy telepathically when speaking to people
  • Manifest a glib tongue(great for business or as a active listener- Great for psychologists, Businessmen, Insurance Agents)
  • Enhancing one's own beauty and bringing it out to the surface, so that people will see this beauty at the first impression
  • Increased charm to gain favourable opinions from those around them such as from potential employers, social networking, etc
  • Progressive radiance from within
  • Attracting love interest; increasing chances of being liked by someone- whether it is friendship or for romantic purposes. It is also useful for candidates looking to be hired.
  • Open up ALL of your potential pathways to wealth & glamor
  • Live a life of luxury worth your beauty
  • Financial abundance will happen to your life and career paths will lead to increasing wealth 

How To Use:  

  • Wear the item close to your skin for the first 30 days. This allows the energy to blend in with your aura and bring you blessings.  
  • If it is not possible to do so, you may also carry the item with you in your pockets, or place it under your pillow when you sleep.  
  • It is advised to recharge your item whenever you feel like the energy has weakened. To do this, you may use our recharging box 

Dos and Don'ts:  

  • Be gentle and take care of your item well. This ensures you'll be able to receive blessings as long as possible and without disruption.  
  • Avoid ALL contact with water and perfume. Please remove your item before showering, washing your hands, swimming or any other activity that may get your item wet.

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