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Boost Your Intuition Kit

Boost Your Intuition Kit

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This is the perfect kit for anyone who's in the spiritual community - tarot readers, animal communicators, witches or anyone who's looking to heighten their intuition and connection to the spiritual realm.

Each Boost Your Intuition Kit™ includes:

>> How To Use:

  1. Put on the Increase Clairvoyance Blessings from King Asmodeus & Duke Astaroth Earrings™. Keep these close to you for the next THIRTY days to ensure that the energy blends in well with yours. Be sure to keep them away from water, perfumes and oils.

  2. While meditating, light up one of the Charged Lavender Candles™ and apply one drop of the Blast Open Your Third Eye Oil™ onto the middle of your forehead.

  3. Repeat Step 2 above for SEVEN days.

  4. You may also continue wearing the Increase Clairvoyance Blessings from King Asmodeus & Duke Astaroth Earrings™ for as long as you wish.

>> Video Tutorials

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Customer Reviews

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Very Powerful Product

With this product , nothing is impossible.

Suitable for you if you are interested to attain good results for intuition

Effective Product

I always knew Bambi is one of the best in the industry. This products further proves that TLW products are top in the industry like a “ Hermes “ for bags

Daniele Michel
Bambi Powerful Practitioner

Are witches real? Of course! Bambi is a modern practitioner who is indeed the subject matter expert .

Her competitors try too hard to smear TLW.

This intuition set proves everything.

Loyal Fan of TLW