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Burned Sigil Black Salt [Limited Edition]

Burned Sigil Black Salt [Limited Edition]

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What you will be getting: 

1 Bottle of Burned Sigil Spelled Black Salt 


Our Black Salt has been infused ashes from :

- A Protective Sigil Ash

- Protective/Banishing/Hexing Ritual Ash,

and after-which have been sealed with another Protective Sigil.

Spelled to:

Destroy the heaviest curses, jinxes, evil-eye and hexes sent your way. Black Salt is a long standing traditional ingredient used by witches which requires powerful protection as well for a banishing purposes. 

Use it for everything from soaking up bad vibes, banishing roommates, workplace situations.

How To Use:

  • Can be scattered in front of door gap and window ledge
  • Carried around with you as a spell-jar
  • Can be mixed with floor cleaner to clean up bad vibes
  • Can be put in a pouch under pillow(for protection) or a hex-bag to send to people you wish to curse.

Ingredients: Organic Sea Salt, Ash from ritual incense, Burnt sigil from Abaddon, Organic Black food dye

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