Chakra Cleansing Ring™

Chakra Cleansing Ring™

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This duo-tone ring has been spellcast as a daily cleanser of your chakras. Regular usage of this can help with;

  • Prevention of parasitic energy on chakra systems
  • Better cleansing & renewal of energies after sleep
  • Less mental fog of the crown chakra
  • Less overwork of the third eye chakra
  • Better communication of the throat chakra
  • Less emotional distress of the heart chakra
  • Better digestive movement of the solar plexus chakra
  • Re-activation of the sacral & root chakra

Ring Size 6.5 (Free cord provided)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ring is amazing!!!

Wore the ring for months, amazed with the power!! Ability to make me feel better and better each day, as long as i wear it. The energy just so positive. Love it. Thanks so much.


I had never wear a ring but this ring is beautiful. Still wearing the ring daily hopefully will be better soon. Thank you Bambi and team for the good work!

If you get anything from Bambi, get this


For all you skeptics: I’m an extremely left-brained, data-driven, scientist. I saw a news article about Bambi enlarging someone’s **** with magick and scoffed at the “absurdity”.

Something in my gut kept bringing me back to her shop, though. In the past, I was able to correctly predict that my family members were going to get into an accident, so I felt like my instinct should be trustworthy, though. The feeling to return to Bambi’s shop was so strong, I relented and finally bought a couple of luck and money oils to test.

I was *HIGHLY* doubtful of these oils. HIGHLY.

The day they arrived, I (again) scoffed at them and slapped some behind my ears, per the instructions online. I didn’t even set specific intensions or ask the oil for what I wanted, I just thought: “Let’s see if this brings me luck with my career and money”.

3 days later, something *HIGHLY* unlikely at work happened related to my career. I thought: “could be coincidence, could be magick. Let’s test.”

I bought some other stuff from Bambi and I don’t think things are coincidental anymore: I’ve seen real results (“Fiery Wall of Protection Oil” banished an untrustworthy coworker, “Suppression Oil” has actually really helped suppress my late-night snacking habits, all spellcast jewelry is BRIMMING with energy, I literally felt someone sticking an energetic hand into my forehead for the “Third Eye Surgery”, etc.).

I’m so glad I stumbled upon that news article because Bambi’s magick opened a whole world of not just magick, but spirituality that has made my life all the better, more peaceful, more fulfilling, and happier.

I promise you won’t regret buying her stuff. Bambi is a queen and I wish I could be her <3

----------------Product Review----------------

If you get anything from Bambi’s shop (and I’ve gotten A LOT of stuff), make sure you get this. Within 2 days of wearing this, you will for sure feel a difference in your health and energy.

----------------Tips I learned----------------
-If you want to “test” if this is legit, I suggest you place the item on your sternum (where the skin is thin and is near your heart chakra). Lie in bed, close your eyes, and try to relax. Soon, you may feel the tingling energy. The way it feels for me is very warm and like its coursing into my body. The magick from Bambi’s items are usually extremely powerful and I can feel them very strongly. If you are not as sensitive to energy, you can also place your spellcast item beside clear quartz for a few hours before you put the item on your sternum (quartz amplifies energy).

In love with this ring!!

I was so excited that i put this on the moment I received it. I bought this ring because I have a pretty weak stomach and also recently I feel physically sluggish due to work.

I actually only planned to write a review only after seeing effects from the ring. It’s insane how I’ve only worn it for 2 hours, yet my stomach is feeling better (I was feeling slightly unwell).

I can’t wait to get other spellcast jewellery! Thank you! :)

Amazing energy cleanser

This ring is not just pretty but it really helps erase bad energy around me. Since I started wearing it, I have slept so much better at night. I wake up feeling better every morning. Everyone should get one! Haha.

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