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Charged Metallic Green Candles - Road Opener for Money

Charged Metallic Green Candles - Road Opener for Money

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Open the pathways for money to flow. These candles have been charged to specifically open your target up to your money spells with the Fastest Money Oil.

If you have a particular difficult situation, use these metallic candles to create the pathway for your intentions for seven days before moving onto the green candles for money.

Price is for ONE energetically charged candle.

Note that it is normal for wax candles to have minor scratches, and this does not affect your spellwork in any way.

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Customer Reviews

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Charged Metallic Green Candles - Road Opener for Money

Be patient!

4 months ago, I did a 7-day spell with this candle for improvements to my career and financial situation.

Today, I received a double promotion for my job with very attractive salary increment. 4 months of waiting, I never lost faith. Thank you TLW! Crying tears of joy now :’)

Linda Png
Tarot and fastest luck ritual

Seeing Ai for the tarot reading and felt at ease. He gave good advice me. I also did the 3 days ritual for the fastest luck, won small lottery plus gotten some

Investments all came well

My investments tripled fold after using this!

Xavier Podisingho

Still waiting for results