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Cr’ahan - Anansi Weaver (Spirit Companion)

Cr’ahan - Anansi Weaver (Spirit Companion)

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Conjured by Bambi.

Anansi is a known God of Spiders in the West African folklore.
Cr’ahan works with Anansi and has been a long worshipper of Anansi in his human years before being a spirit in the realm. Cr'ahan is a Trickster Spirit. (Playful & Cunning)


Quietly witty, sarcastic, lays low, disguises himself with other personalities.

Bound to a Jadeite pendant.

Cr’ahan can help with:

  • Initiating the brain’s complexity and knowledge in developing lies (whether it is good or bad) that will be hard to uncover
  • Working with other trickster spirits to outsmart opponents and enemies with cunningness and wit
  • Creating monetary knowledge that requires deeper sense of analysis and observance
  • Trapping enemies or targets into difficulty in releasing themselves from particular situations
  • Initiate diplomatic with similar Gods of West Africa
  • Create illnesses in enemies


    1. Red wine,
    2. Heavy incense,
    3. Cigar,
    4. Blood offering,
    5. Tobacco,
    6. Clever jokes.

    How to speak to a spirit with a pendulum:

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