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Favrart (Male Ubi Spirit) - Incubus Spirit Companion

Favrart (Male Ubi Spirit) - Incubus Spirit Companion

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Conjured by Bambi.

Vessel: Genuine Lapis Lazuli Pendant

Name: Favrart

Realm: Lucifer’s Realm

Alignment: Dark Arts - tend to be darker in terms of thoughts and will do more selfish acts than beneficiary acts

Ubi spirits are very sexual and feed off sexual energies. They normally use these energies to enhance manifestations with the keeper; teach sexual magick; impart more layers of charisma and sensuality in keeper.

Finding a keeper: That wishes to involve more sensuality in his/her life, and use that to a greater advantage of manifestations and to indulge in better sensual journeys in life, knowing that this is one of the greatest pleasures in life and to use that to one's highest advantage involving wealth and luck as well.

Incubuses are male ubi spirits known for their abilities in seducing both woman and man alike. They are distinct in their culture and tend to like to cloak themselves behind their human keeper to have fun in helping seduce, and to feed of sexual energies in order to fuel themselves too.
They believe strongly in using sexual fluids with candles and to help the other party ingest to exchange and intertwine energies.

Favrart can provide his keeper with:

-Boosted strength, speed, supernatural level of beauty and some magical abilities, especially dealing with illusions and mental manipulation.

-Mind Domination
- Deeply enhancement of one's sensuality and aura of charisma
- Bring more intense orgasms
- Achieve greater sex life with partner, and enchanting your partner(s) with more lust for you
- Enchanting one's sexual fluid to become more potent in sex magick with candles
- Have sexual astral relationship with Favrart (if you are female)
- Interweave sex magick with higher chances of wealth and luck



-Red Charged Candle (Optional to coat with Semen/Vaginal Fluids)


-Red Roses

-Dark Chocolate


-Rose Incense

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Customer Reviews

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My second spirit companion Favrart

I don’t have much clairabilities so I don’t get downloads or able to see or hear him. However I speak to him as much as I can, I carry his vessel around. Accompanied with my other spirit companion, Ashura, I felt very protected with them with me and somehow I feel more beautiful and I think Favrart has a role in making that happen. I look forward to sharing more of my life with him and his influences in me.