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Ikurah - Whale Astral Shapeshifter

Ikurah - Whale Astral Shapeshifter

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Ikurah is a male Astral Shapeshifter with crossover of Whale Astral blood. Why this happens is beyond our knowledge but a simple knowledge is that crossing with an astral energy of another species can bring about more skills in a spirit. 

Ikurah can help with:

  • Discerning truth and lies better
  • Better bonding with water spirits
  • Energetic healing
  • Emotional cleansing and expedited healing of emotions
  • Overcoming past hindrance
  • Sharpening of reflexes
  • Great projection of likeability
  • Improve predatory senses
  • The attainment of wealth, especially in business
  • Attraction of large sums of money that are within reach and that which his keeper could possibly deserve, for example, performance bonuses, large sales etc
  • Transmutation of negative money energy to positive money energy in several aspects where his keeper is experiencing losses, such as personal expenses, investments, business decisions
  • Safeguarding and growth in value of assets, especially investments
  • A feeling of peace and comfort in his presence, especially when his keeper is experiencing grief, as he is able to dissipate negative emotion in a cleansing manner, out of his strong water element
  • Empowerment of money and luck magick; he adds power and accelerates smooth manifestation in spells for money and good fortune


    1. Raw sashimi
    2. Purple candles
    3. Water tank decorated in home
    4. Terrarium
    5. Water elements such as water fountain in house

    How to speak to a spirit with a pendulum:

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