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Ilylemon - Spirit Companion (Baku Spirit)

Ilylemon - Spirit Companion (Baku Spirit)

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Baku spirits are spirits that are a combination of different forms of an animals and may appear as a weird-looking animal in the third eye. Most commonly, they resemble part elephant, part rhinoceroses, and part tiger. Baku are long noted and respected as supernatural beings known to devour nightmares and negative energies.

The Baku spirits are also known to protect against the manifestations of bad omens sent in dreams and in higher vibrational frequency states. The baku spirit can “eat up” these negative energies.

This baku spirit can offer the companion:

  • Ease constant negative feelings
  • Soothe and protect those suffering from consistent nightmares and bad sleep, from depressive feelings and anxiety
  • Waking up more refreshed over time
  • Protection from negative entities entering into vulnerabilities of sleeping state
  • Protection from bad omen and changing into a more improved good omen
  • Act as a nightly guardian spirit against unwanted and unbound entities
  • Cleanses aura when asked to during the night


  • Sesame seeds
  • Purple flowers (e.g. lavender)
  • Sweets
  • Desserts

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