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Kourmataup - Centaur [Spirit Companion]

Kourmataup - Centaur [Spirit Companion]

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Conjured by Bambi.

Name: Kourmataup

Type: Centaur Astral Spirit

Personality: Strong-headed, alluring, charmingly humorous

Centaurs are a race of half-human, half-horse, also known as "hippocentaur". They are known warriors and fight for justice and are great in sexual powers.

Working with Kourmataup can help:

- High protection of wealth assets and of territory and where keeper resides
- Keep unwanted spirits off the ground
- Ensuring loyalty of other spirits, and working diplomatically and closely with keeper's spirits to ensure team-bonded outcome and goals
- Impart a different aspect of sensuality and sexuality, helping keeper with nuance of sexiness yet with a strong and deeply attractive charm
- Women who need help in opening up sexual prowesses
- Allowing justice to unravel with keeper knowing eventually
- Fight for justice and ensure that proper vengeance is done, will not stop until proper justice is achieved

Binded to a Genuine Clear Quartz Pendant


-Red apples, lime, fresh herb arrangement, pink candles, tangerine fragrance


How to speak to a spirit with a pendulum:

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