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Fondness and Princess Treatment Necklace

Fondness and Princess Treatment Necklace

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Uncover the secret to attracting genuine affection in your love language and loads of gifts from others with our Fondness and Princess Treatment Necklace. Watch as hearts open, love blossoms, and people gravitate towards showering you with care and adoration. Get ready to elevate your aura and indulge in the affectionate embrace of the world.

What you will be getting:

1 Heavily Spelled Rose Gold Plated Necklace with a Heart Pendant 

This necklace has been spelled to bless its wearer with:

  • Attracting sweet treatment from those around you - friends, colleagues, strangers
  • People will be more compelled to spoil you with luxury gifts of your choice
  • You target will display their love for you in your preferred love language
  • If single, you will attract a partner that will love you deeply and truly
  • Increase love luck
  • Deepening current and future relationships of your choice
  • Receiving items for free from strangers because they feel compelled to
  • Radiating a glowing and loving aura which makes people more drawn to you
  • Increasing your charm so that people will feel more compelled to do favours for you
  • Manifesting the finest things in life
  • It can be used for sugaring, hypergamy, getting business investors, dating, attracting a wealthy husband/partner
  • People around you will treat you like royalty

 How To Use:  

  • Wear the item close to your skin for the first 30 days. This allows the energy to blend in with your aura and bring you blessings.  
  • If it is not possible to do so, you may also carry the item with you in your pockets, or place it under your pillow when you sleep.  
  • It is advised to recharge your item whenever you feel like the energy has weakened. To do this, you may use our recharging box 

Dos and Don'ts:   

  • Be gentle and take care of your item well. This ensures you'll be able to receive blessings as long as possible and without disruption.  
  • Avoid ALL contact with water and perfume. Please remove your item before showering, washing your hands, swimming or any other activity that may get your item wet. 

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