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Madrelina - [Witch] Spirit Companion

Madrelina - [Witch] Spirit Companion

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Conjured by Ali.


Madrelina is a highly-evolved psychic witch astral spirit from the realm of The Morrighan. She has come forth to become a companion to a human who wishes to enhance their psychic abilities and also manage emotion and improvement of sleep quality. 

She can offer her keeper:

- enhancement of third eye abilities
- improvement in all Clair senses
- honing of telepathy
- improvement and guidance in mind control abilities
- calming of emotions and enhanced quality of sleep
- emotional healing from past troubling experiences
- improvement in divination skills
- enchantment and empowerment of spellwork, especially those involving emotional connections
- connection and communication with other spirits
- protection of psyche, especially from psychic attacks
- closer connection and passageway to receive blessings from The Morrighan

- sweet clear drinks, such as syrup water
- dark blue or purple fruits or berries
- blue, purple, silver candles
- jasmine, lavender incense
- lavender or purple flowers

Vessel: genuine Blue-Laced Agate pendant

How to speak to a spirit with a pendulum:

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