Make You Love Me Oil - STRONG

Make You Love Me Oil - STRONG

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30ml bottle

The "Make You Love Me Oil" is intended for DIY love spells on intended targets. It is best used for proposal purposes; attracting love interest; increasing chances of being liked by someone- whether it is friendship or for romantic purposes. It is also useful for candidates looking to be hired.

This oil works well with any one of the following types of candles. You may choose which is most suitable for your situation.

The new and improved version of our Make You Love Me Oil, spelled with more deities. 

You may also use this oil with;

Please note that these are handmade in small batches so the colour, intensity and fragrance might differ from what is pictured.

>> How to Use:
You may choose to combine the methods listed below for extra potency.

The intended target can be you, you and someone, or someone else. If you are using the oils to target a group of people, simply separate them into individuals during spell work while using the oil. 

The Petition Method

The Body Method

The Wishing Book Method


100% olive oil, mica powders, and natural fragrance (to boost the elemental nature of the oil)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
WOW is all I can say

This oil has somehow made a lot of my family members and clients become nice to me - when they usually would be mean and vile. Regarding my parents, 2 weeks ago they were pressuring me with picking a certain career path and arguing with me for no good reason. After consistently using this oil for a week or so, they’ve become so much nicer to me, even telling me I don’t need to feel pressured and they’d sincerely support me in whatever I do out of the blue, even encouraging me to travel and enjoy life. Clients have been less bitchy and more understanding. There’s been no conflicts, ill will nothing. My boyfriend has also been able to compromise with me on different issues. My intentions for this oil were for people around me to do whatever I say. I’ve yet to see results from my friendships, but I’m confident that this oil will work its’ wonders.

Wth. I’m sh00keth mate

very slay

ask for a good day at work or with your loved ones with this and you’ll get it. absolutely no one is an asshole to me every time i use this. will probably try this out with other stuff who knows


Amazing product! Works so well and strong. I heard Bambi is very good in creating love spells. I have been receiving a lot of male attention everywhere (public and online). Manifestation is needed 😊🙏 to ensure a clearer path.

Seems Promising!

I’ve only had this for about a week plus so I can’t say much because I’m currently stuck in quarantine, but it’s working in its own subtle way while it takes some time to get used to me. My connections with people I care about are smooth and really good so far, pleasure is a lot more pleasurable and I’m using this for an ongoing candle spell that I won’t know the results of until much later. Go girlboss!


Had Tarot reading session with Ali.

Ali is a Non-judgemental guy, friendly and im feeling very comfortable to share my stories and thoughts to him. The things that he shared to me was accurate.
Definitely a good experience.


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