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Mürgas - Black Winged Karmic Dragon (Spirit Companion)

Mürgas - Black Winged Karmic Dragon (Spirit Companion)

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Conjured by Ali.

Vessel: Genuine Astrophyllite Pendant

Mürgas is a black winged karmic dragon from the realm of Lord Baphomet. He has come forth to become a companion to a human who wishes to find peace of mind through resolving issues that others have inflicted on them.

He can offer his keeper:

- purging of negativity by sending it back to senders, such as enemies and those who have unnecessarily offended his keeper
- wisdom and clarity in situations
- enhancement of intelligence
- improvement of strategic thinking, especially with regards to rising above rivals and competitors
- neutralising negative emotions and converting it to positive energy
- awareness of others' ill intentions
- better discernment of people
- empowerment of baneful magick, especially in the areas of sending back karma
- protection against physical harm and psychic or spiritual attacks
- guidance in astral travel
- enhancement in skills of premonition and foresight
- closer connection and passageway to receive blessings from Lord Baphomet

- black candles
- well cooked red meat
- dragon's blood incense
- black coffee, dark heavy drinks like stout

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