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Power and Motivation Spell Kit™

Power and Motivation Spell Kit™

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This is our ultimate bundle for ensuring that you stay focused with enhanced creativity and stay strong when taking on any new projects, new jobs or new ventures.

Each Power and Motivation Spell Kit™ includes:

    >> How To Use:

    1. Put on the Thor's Pendant of Power™. Keep this close to you for the next THIRTY days to ensure that the energy blends in well with yours. Be sure to keep it away from water, perfumes and oils.

    2. Burn either the Charged Orange Candles™ or the Charged Yellow Candles™ whenever you feel like you need extra motivation or drive to push through tough times.

    3. You may also continue wearing the Thor's Pendant of Power™ for as long as you wish.

    4. You may continue applying the High Mood Oil™ on your pulse points for as long as you wish.

    >> Video Tutorials

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    Customer Reviews

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    This is a must buy!!!

    Before this diy spell kit combination is created, I bought yellow ans orange candles during my first visit. Then I tried the high mood oil in store. When I arrive home to burn the candles, I feel amazing and highly driven afterwards.

    I hope the Thor's pendent will give an extra boost!! Thank you the love witch team for having this discounted bundle!!! I hope to see a stronger version of this bundle soon