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Seraphim Angel Essence Spell Raw Apatite Tumble

Seraphim Angel Essence Spell Raw Apatite Tumble

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Seraphim Angel Essence Spell

Essence spelled items are perfect for those who want the benefits of an astral spirit without working with a spirit.
This essence spelled stone has been cast with the help of Seraphim Angels.

What are Seraphim Angels? 

The prophet Isaiah tells us that the seraphim are six-winged “fiery” angels who surround God as He sits upon His exalted throne and who worship God continually (Isaiah 6). The seraphim also minister to the Lord and serve as His agents of purification, as demonstrated by their cleansing of Isaiah’s sins before he began his prophetic ministry.

What you will be getting:

1 Spelled Raw Apatite Tumble

Spelled for:

  • Success
  • Creative Side Enhancement
  • Larger Cash
  • Adoration By Others
  • Fame
  • Removal Of Problems
  • Removal Of Negativity
  • Luck In Love
  • Complete Aura Cleansing
  • Youthful Appearance
  • Youthful Energy
  • Protection From Evil and Notoriety

How to use:

You can use it in the following ways

- Hold it in one hand or put near you. 

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