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[Premium] Extreme Lust, Beauty & Intelligence Serpent Bangle

[Premium] Extreme Lust, Beauty & Intelligence Serpent Bangle

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Double spell casted by Lilith & Arachnid-Vampire Hybrid Spirits.

Let us enflame your beauty, magnetism, sexual sensuality & cunningness like never before. This spelled bangle under our "Bewitched" Premium Collection is a unique piece that holds unrivaled power. You will be the best version of yourself.

The design & sizing:

  • Gold plated stainless steel
  • Serpent design with a shimmering gemstone on the serpent's head
  • An open cuff bangle that is free size and is adjustable

Also comes together with a FREE spelled recharging box.

This item has been heavily spelled to:

  • Increase exponentially one's own beauty and glow – beneficial for business negotiation, career or romantic pursuits
  • Hypnotise multiple target(s) with your aura
  • Increase charm to gain favourable opinions from those around you
  • Be blessed with timeless beauty and a mesmerising glow
  • Become the object of lust and physical attraction
  • Stay in the mind of your target(s) forever. Yes, forever.
  • Implant thoughts of you upon target's first impression of you.
  • Inexplicable fatal attraction from target to you.
  • Increase intimacy between the wearer and their partner
  • Target(s) will sense itch if they are not nearby you.
  • Increase persuasion power, intelligence which helps outsmart competitors, friends, opposite sex and enemies
  • Increase ability to trap others into your desires
  • Enable stronger manipulative mind and ability to think well before decisions and manipulate situations to your favour

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