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Tarot with Jamie

Tarot with Jamie

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Tarot with Jamie will be conducted at the HEALEIR (65A Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 2) outlet, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Should you have any enquiries regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 9728 5628. We would love to get in touch with you!

About Tarot Reading:

Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future. They formulate a question, then draw cards interpret them for this end.

What the session will consist of:

A unique experience catered to you and your situation.

Jamie will explain to you in detail and ensure that you leave with clarity of your situation and the advice needed for you to move forward and improve it.

Readings can be done in-person or over Zoom.


All tarot sessions booked in-store are conducted in our backroom to ensure that you  have privacy during your session.

Late Policy:
Do arrive 5-10mins earlier for your session if you have chosen to have yours in-store. This allows for our readers to start your session on time, and allow them to have a quick rest in between to better re-calibrate and focus on your energy.

If you are more than 10mins late, we will have to reschedule your session to a later timing or another day to minimize disruptions for all sessions scheduled for the day.

No-Show Policy:
Please note that we allow for rescheduling of sessions up to two times for each order. After the third reschedule, if you are not able to turn up or your session is a no-show, we will not issue a refund of any kind.


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Customer Reviews

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shan m

Tarot with Jamie

Clear and concise reading

Readings were well paced. It covers the bad news that I dread, and reader could tell that I was pretty affected by it. Yet, I hear encouragement and empathy from her to let go of the past as there is a future ahead to embrace. I will secure another reading again, as I would like to see how things have changed since.

rout pabitra

Tarot with Jamie

Chin Ma
Resonate with current

I was fascinated . How could reader be able to tell how my potential love target ‘s personality?
Soon after my tarot visit , this love target appears into my life .

I was able to handle the upcoming events better after visiting the tarot session.

Let’s see how things unfold :)


I had my first ever tarot reading with Jamie yesterday & she was very accurate in her description of my situation. She was honest about her reading of my relationship outlook and made me confront the reality of my situation that I may have been avoiding. Her answers to all my questions were spot on, and I got a sense of clarity on how to handle my current situation. She also foresaw another future love opportunity coming my way so we'll see how that unfolds. Thanks, Jamie! :)