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[THE LOVE WITCHXPERIENCE] Talk to Spirits Physically Room @ 65A Tanjong Pagar Road)

[THE LOVE WITCHXPERIENCE] Talk to Spirits Physically Room @ 65A Tanjong Pagar Road)

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PLEASE NOTE: The location of the Spirit Communication Room is at 65A Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 2 [HEALEIR].

Since humanity learned to walk upright, it has sought the wisdom of the ancestors. It is part of our inheritance to communicate with those who understand our trials and tribulations. We are hard-wired to do so, but for a learned conditioning through social norms, we have forgotten how to it.

Do take the time to read and understand the purposes of this service, and instructions on what to do next before ordering.

 Ever wanted to seek for answers within a higher power but don't know how/do not want to commit to the costs/time incurred? Here's an affordable option just for you!

Hand-picked carefully from Bambi's personal collection, we have different spirits that you can select from to communicate with, and hopefully, walk away with the answers that you seek

Our binded dolls are on a roster basis, and this would mean that with every week you'll get to select different spirits to communicate with. 

What to expect:

  •  You will be on the path to having a communicative session with the dead/supernatural, conduct pendulum Seances and unearth questions no one else can answer.
  • Open your mind and understand what kind of natural abilities you already possess.
  • What it takes to develop a relationship with your protecting guides
  •  Hold mediumship sessions with gr in an effective and productive manner
  • Guard against negative entities who would disrupt
  • Control and set boundaries on communication for maximum development

    When you’ve gone through practice with spirit communicative sessions, you’ll have a solid understanding of what is required to be a medium, and be well on your journey to life-time of understanding and fulfillment. You will never feel alone again.

Spirit Dolls [19th July - 28th July]

  • Grusod [Void Entity]

Grusod comes from a lineage of powerful witches from the US. It does not have a gender.

Known for Bambi’s personal most chaotic spirit in disturbing and pranking humans.

Grusod can be asked regarding questions such as karma received, when will one pay for their actions, and death questions, though His answers are not to be taken too seriously because of the nature of pranking. Grusod can send imps and summon scary spirits if He doesn't like you and you might feel a little disturbance in your sleep for just a few nights

  • Lezebel [Spirit Summoner]


Known to be Bambi’s personal guide in spell-casting, Lezebel (leh-zer-bell) is fiercely strong in guiding the right tools and chants needed to make successful spells.

Lezebel works closely with old Mesopotamian gods and spirits to concoct spells and oils that are not found anywhere “online” these days. Lezebel can also give insights as to why certain things have happened and She is able to tell the past especially. Unfortunately, Lezebel’s head has imploded out of nowhere. 

  • Norma [Powerful Witch]
Norma is a hereditary witch who can tell someone’s thoughts if she has met that person before.
Norma is great in teaching one on spiritual development and how to open one’s psychic abilities. She is a great teacher and has a motherly like presence. She is helpful in questions such as understanding one’s past trauma; lessons to be learned; how to improve on yourself.


Juu-Si is binded into a once-emptied vessel by our in-house spirits. He is also available for purchase.

Juu-Si would like to seek a human companion to get through trauma together, play pranks on humans that have not learned their soul lessons, and create drama by messing with his companion's targets' life. Juu-Si would only consider protecting his companion, and the children and future generation of his companion. He is unable to "evolve" or "reincarnate" (he thinks this concept of reincarnation is every human's confirmation bias), and would like to assert that his spirit will always be here to stay.
Juu-Si has seen the times of human and understands every human exhibits similar mannerisms. He was born in 1853, and died in 1924 - though his human habits are very different from his spirit now.

 There will be NO REFUNDS once the purchase is made. By making this purchase you are declaring that you understand and agree to these terms. Choices of spirit communication session is based on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Kindly Whatsapp 9728 5628 after purchasing to inform us of your availability to drop by.


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