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[THE LOVE WITCHXPERIENCE] Third Eye Opening Room (@ 65A Tanjong Pagar Road)

[THE LOVE WITCHXPERIENCE] Third Eye Opening Room (@ 65A Tanjong Pagar Road)

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PLEASE NOTE: The location of the Third Eye Opening Room is at 65A Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 2 [HEALEIR].

Exclusive enhanced special blend of our popular Third Eye Oil with herb(s) will be complimentary in this service.

Do take the time to read and understand the purposes of this service, and instructions on what to do next before ordering.


15 minutes session - The most basic essential step to preparing your third eye for higher vibrational energy

30 minutes session - The intermediate step to preparing your third eye for higher vibrational energy and to deepen spiritual connection between the mind, body and soul

1 hour session - The advanced step to preparing your third eye for higher vibrational energy, deepen spiritual connection and effectively awaken other chakra systems for wider range of intuitive abilities


The third eye is our intuitive center, it is the binding structure of our higher self and our conscious self. The part of us that is all knowing, and the part of us that is only aware of our experiences, emotions and body.

To open your third eye demolishes your systems of belief and education. Once those walls have shattered, you arrive at the foundation of truth.

With your third eye opened, you may able to astral travel; see spirits; connect with deities or demons; perform better divination such as tarot readings; peek into the future via precognition or even peek into the past via retrocognition, and increase other abilities such as clairaudience/clairsentience when the third eye chakra is better activated.

What to expect:

  • Curated frequencies set in the room to blast open your Third-Eye
  • Combination of light, aroma, & sound therapy to help your Third-Eye become more sensitive
  • Usage of spelled herbs and cleansing in the Third-Eye opening room
  • Raise psychic activities(more vivid dreams at night, higher chance of Astral Projection & to raise psychic abilities.)
  • Achieve a higher rate of accuracy in divination & Tarot Reading 
  • Activate other psychic abilities like clairsentience, clairaudience & clairvoyancy

 There will be NO REFUNDS once the purchase is made. By making this purchase you are declaring that you understand and agree to these terms.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sound interesting

One of the only 1 in SG

Love TLW

Chen Jessalynn
Interesting and eye-opening experience

Yet to feel the full effects.

Hui En Lee
First experience - 1hr

The spelled oil and herbs were very fragrant and calming to the point where I fell asleep for awhile. The moment the session started and when I closed my eyes, I felt like I've gone through a portal of different lights and fire like scenes (red, yellow, white, purple, blue etc). I also saw images resembling that of an eye. Really amazing experience which cannot be scientifically explained. Thank you to Ms. Bambi and the very helpful staff in explaining/recommending the different products available:)

First Try

Although I only paid for 15min, I felt like I found my inner balance and no more aggressiveness. Also I saw different colors of aura and some strange visions during meditation.
Next time I would like to try longer session.

Princess Snowy
Seen White & Yellow Flashes

Something nvr experience before & I saw white & yellow flashes flowing down.. in between not sure wat it means but feels a little different. Need to attend once in awhile as I'm not gifted & also had to mediate at home as well.