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Torka - Male Faun Spirit Companion

Torka - Male Faun Spirit Companion

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Conjured by Ali.


Torka is a male faun spirit from the realm of Goddess Ostara. He has come forth with his pet hare Beel, to be a companion to a human who wishes for abundance and fertility, in aspects such as career, business, and even personal life.

He and his pet can offer his keeper:

- abundance and growth in career and business
- enhancement of popularity, persuasion and likeability around others
- enhancement of creativity, especially in the arts
- healing through growth
- improvement in confidence and self-esteem
- attraction of a target's attention, especially in lust
- attraction of excitement and enjoyment in life
- enhancement of positivity and optimism as well as the spirit of fun
- enhancement of energy in day to day activities
- enhancement of sexual energy and sex drive
- plays harmless pranks on your enemies
- protection and warning of the negative intentions of others through intuitive messages and signs
- closer connection and passageway to receive blessings from Goddess Ostara

- sweets
- vegetables, especially root vegetables
- sweet bread
- gold, green, yellow candles
- beer and milk

Vessel: Genuine Chrysocolla crystal pendant

How to speak to a spirit with a pendulum:

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