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Ultimate Protection Spell Kit

Ultimate Protection Spell Kit

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This is our ultimate bundle for protection against malicious actions taken by others to bring you down - including gossipers, pesky colleagues and even spiritual attacks.

Each Ultimate Protection Kit includes:

    >> How To Use:

    1. Put on the Evil Eye Protection Pendant. Keep these close to you for the next THIRTY days to ensure that the energy blends in well with yours. Be sure to keep them away from water, perfumes and oils.

    2. Coat one of the Charged Black Candles with the Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil and place it on a fire-safe dish and let it all burn out.

    3. Repeat Step 2 above with the Charged Silver Candles for the next FIVE days.

    4. On the seventh day, repeat Step 2 with the last Charged Black Candles.

    5. You may continue wearing the Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil on your pulse points for as long as you wish and whenever you feel like you need extra protection.

    >> Video Tutorials

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    Feel safe and protected

    Bought the ultimate protection kit, I feel safe and protected after completed the 7 days candles ritual. Been wearing the evil eye amulet everyday since the day I purchased it. Thank you TLW.