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Yao Ma [Lukthep] - Spirit Companion

Yao Ma [Lukthep] - Spirit Companion

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Conjured by Bambi with Blood Magick.

Please purchase with caution. 50% of the profits will go back to offerings to the deities that helped conjure & bind Yao Ma. Free offering candles will also be provided upon adoption.


Yao Ma
8 years old when died

This vessel was previously blessed by a Thai monk and contained the previous spirit Chitrapong. Chitrapong has since left for reincarnation works and our head witch, Bambi, has binded a young spirit from China. Yao Ma was a young boy when he passed, he was survived by his grandmother whom took care of him. His mother had left his father for another man and she pretended that she did not have a child. He was also slightly disabled in his intelligent systems. Kuman thongs are child spirits who work for you for in order to reincarnate at some point. The more you do good, the more they follow you in your steps. If you do evil, they will take orders and listen too and do things for you, but the karma you have to bear yourself in time to come.

Yao Ma can help with many things in your life including but not limited to

  • increase of wealth and luck
  • increase psychic abilities
  • cause harm if keeper decides
  • aiding in finding the right partner/soulmate
  • guiding through spiritual journey with better ease and comfort


  1. Sweet Cookies
  2. Flavoured Crackers
  3. Blood Offering(Optional)
  4. Joss Paper

How to speak to a spirit with a pendulum:

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