How to get someone to leave their partner and be with you instead

How to get someone to leave their partner and be with you instead

Everyday we receive DMs and emails about “Hey! I like this person but they’re with this person” and “Hi! I want to be with this person but I’m with this person right now” or even “I want my ex to come back to me even though he has a new girlfriend right now”. 

HELLO? I HOPE YOU REALIZE THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO/WANT THIS PERSON TO DO IS CHEATING. We do NOT condone cheating here and in fact I feel like it is my responsibility to tell y’all that you will get cheaters karma from this. 

What goes around comes around and you cheating/wanting someone else to cheat for you will most definitely come back tenfold. Do you really want that for yourself and the other person? If you said yes then how selfish are you truly? You are willing to not only break trust, relationships/families but even possibly a person down to their core? All for what? Just to come back to us and say “Hey I want to punish this person they cheated on me”. 

Cheaters karma is NOT as forgiving as you think it may be. It assures that the cheater will be punished for their actions even if it is not immediate. Which means YOU ARE NOT SAFE IF YOU CHEAT (and rightfully so). Cheating is unethical, unpleasant and frankly unforgivable. 

If you have cheated, trust that eventually down the road you will get cheated on OR the person that you cheated on will in fact cheat back on you. DON’T CHEAT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CHEATED ON. Or don't be with a cheater 👀 What makes you think this person wouldn't do it again to YOU? A CHEETAH NEVER CHANGES ITS SPOTS, THE SAME WAY A CHEATER NEVER CHANGES THEIR WAYS.

Did you know though that cheating can be a predestined event in your life? It is possible that you may have cheated in your past life and so to repay your karmic debt, you will be brought together for the sole purpose of them cheating on you. SEE? EVEN IN ANOTHER LIFE YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO ESCAPE CHEATERS KARMA SO JUST DON'T CHEAT? FACE THE MUSIC AND LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKE. 

“Oh but I can do good things to get back good karma and get rid of my cheaters karma?” NO YOU CAN’T. Cheaters karma is something you can’t get rid of and honestly you also DON’T DESERVE to have your karma written off for cheating/wanting someone to cheat with you. Can you not find someone else? Can you not break off your own relationship? Please, choose being a decent person over another person. The karma isn’t worth it. 

We do hope you think twice and even thrice before wanting to cheat or wanting someone else to cheat to be with you. 

If you've been cheated on or want to end things with 1 party to be with another, we'd recommend the following:

1. Tarot with Bambi 

We will let the expert take over and read into your relationship. She might probably uncover things you didn't know about your relationship. 

2. Return Karma Necklace

If someone cheated on you, this is the best way to help speed up their karma. Don't let the cheater escape, give them back their karma for causing you all that pain!

3. Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Protect yourself from cheaters. Period.

4. Blast Open Your Third Eye Oil

Increase your intuition so you can see cheaters and their lies from a mile away