A Visual Guide To Manifesting More Effectively With Moon Magick

A Visual Guide To Manifesting More Effectively With Moon Magick

Have you ever thought of using the moon to increase
the efficacy of your spells and manifestations?

Let us walk you through the simple process of manifesting effectively with the moon...

The moon cycle begins on the New Moon. At this point, the moon is just a dark circle in the sky, waiting to grow, just like your intentions. As energies are usually really high (and strong), it's the best time for you to set new intentions. Let this be a goal you work toward for the next 2-3 moon cycles (translates to 2-3 months) minimally. For example, your intention can be to receive a promotion at work.  It's best to use our charged figure candles when setting intentions during the New Moon as you will be using representative/ sympathetic magick to help you in visualisation e.g. concept of "like" produces "like" or, an effect that resembles its cause. Take this stage of the cycle as though you are planting a seed.

The second stage of the moon cycle is the Waxing Moon period. At this point, you can see the moon getting larger and larger. Just like how the moon is growing, you need to grow your intentions too. This would be the best time for you to do "enhancing" and "growing" spells. It's important to keep your intentions consistent. So if you are trying to manifest a promotion, you would be doing spells with our charged green candles. Take it as though you are trying to grow the seed you planted.

The next stage would be the Full Moon Period. The moon is at its brightest, largest and roundest. Just like the New Moon, the energies are very high and strong, which is a good time for you to "harvest" your intentions. Amplify your intentions by using another charged figure candle to help you visualise and manifest better.

Last but not least, we have the Waning Moon period. The moon at this stage is getting smaller and darker. The energies during this period are perfect for getting rid of negativity, blockages and obstacles. We would recommend during banishing spells to get rid of things that may be hindering your manifestations. Charged road opener candles and charged black candles are good candles you can use during this period!

Continue this for the next 2-3 moon cycles (2-3 months), be patient and trust the process!
We wish you all the best on your manifestation journey and we are here for you every step of the way :)
You can check the moon phases in SGT here: https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/