A Guide To Divination Methods

A Guide To Divination Methods

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or completely new, welcome to the enchanting world of divination! Divination is the art of seeking guidance and insight through various tools and methods. It is a timeless practice embraced by practitioners around the world for many years. Let’s delve deeper into some of the fascinating divination methods that are available at The Love Witch!

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are probably the most iconic divination tool. Each card in the deck has a different meaning and symbolism which allows readers to come up with their own interpretations. Tarot  cards are used to delve into different aspects of a situation/one’s life and are a profound way of connecting to the spiritual realm. 

Mirror Scrying

Gaze into a scrying mirror and it will help you visualize things that are happening around you. It is also a good way to increase and exercise your psychic abilities and visions. It also works as muscle training for your third eye!

Pendulum Divination

A pendulum is a weighted tool that's suspended from a fixed height. It involves asking yes or no questions and observing how the pendulum moves. This method offers direct answers and is a popular way of getting quick insights.

Embrace the magic within and explore the diverse world of divination at The Love Witch. Each method offers a unique approach to seeking guidance and connecting with the mystical and magickal energies that surround us. Whether you’re drawn to the symbolic language of tarot cards of ethereal visions of a scrying mirror, your journey into divination awaits you at Sim Lim Square #02-28

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