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  • How do our products work?

  • How do I set my intentions?

  • Is this black magic and will there be karma?

  • What Happens During a Tarot Reading?

  • What's the difference between spelled products, rituals and spells?

live your dream life

manifest your dreams with us

live your dream life

manifest your dreams with us


How do our products work?

Our spelled products, such as but not limited to spellcast jewellery, spelled oils and charged candles, are imbued with specific intentions and magickal energy through rituals performed by a Bambi. 

These products work by channelling and focusing the energies and intentions set during their creation towards a particular goal.  For example, our Soulmate Attraction Necklace will be infused with energies that resonate with love and attraction energies. 

Some of our other products, such as crystals and herbs also carry their own intrinsic magickal properties bestowed by Mother Nature and the Universe. For example, lavender brings smoothness, peace and tranquillity.

When used correctly, our items can help you align your energy and intentions with the desired outcome, therefore, attracting & manifesting the intended results. 

How do I set my intentions?

Setting intentions involves clearly defining what you want to achieve and aligning your thoughts and energy with that goal. Here are some tips for you while setting your intentions: 

  • Clarity: Be specific, detailed and realistic. Vague intentions yield vague results. 
  • Visualization: Picture your intention as if it has already happened.  
  • Focus: Concentrate and avoid distractions or doubts. We recommend setting up to a maximum of three intentions at a time. 
  • Consistency: Ensure that your intentions are consistent until it is manifested.  
  • Action: Human actions are very important, nothing can be achieved without effort. Our spellcasted items are merely a boost and a tool in helping you achieve your goals! 
If you have a bigger goal you would like to achieve, do break it down so that you can manifest it step by step, e.g. if you would like to be a millionaire, you should take action to start by manifesting more knowledge on how to become one rather than jumping straight into being a millionaire.

Is this black magic and will there be karma?

At The Love Witch, we work with various types of Magick to imbue into our spelled items e.g. White, Grey, Dark, Black, Intention, Candle, Herb, Sigil, Moon, Astral Magick, etc. 

Our products generally do not have side effects if used on yourself. You may think of setting intentions being similar to making a wish during your birthday. Some of the items are also blessed by the deities and spirits that Bambi works with – similar to how you collect amulets from temples/ holy water from churches. 

We will always advise our customers that should your manifestation(s) come true, do give back to society as a form of giving thanks (e.g. donating to a charity of your choice – doesn't have to be a big amount, just something you are comfortable with!) or give offerings and thanks to the deities that helped bless their products.

What happens during a tarot reading?

During a tarot reading, Bambi uses a deck of tarot cards to gain insight into your life, questions, or future. The process typically involves:
  • Question: You giving a brief description and question about your situation you wish to find out. 
  • Shuffling: The cards are shuffled while Bambi focuses on your question. She will pick out the cards intuitively using her divination & clairabilities. 
  • Interpretation: Bambi will interpret the cards to provide guidance, clarity, and insight into your situation. 
  • Style: Each tarot reader has their own way and there is no right and wrong. It is simply the readers' (and your) preference. However, do ensure that your reader has divination Bambi is the sort of reader who reads the whole situation and offers you solutions to your problems.

Difference between spelled products, rituals & spells

Spelled Products are physical items that have been imbued with magickal energy and intentions. Examples include enchanted jewellery, oils, or candles. They are often used as tools to amplify the user’s intentions based on what they were blessed with. 

Rituals involve intensive work for a group of participants and the energy collated during the process of invocation of any deities involved can normally generate positive energies to each participant. 

 Spells, on the other hand, are personalised to your intentions and more individualised in terms of the manifestation and spelled tools used. Conclusively, there isn’t a significant benefit over the other but rather complementary in terms of energy, tools, invocations, timings done.