The Hidden World of Herb Magick 🌿

The Hidden World of Herb Magick 🌿

Herb Magick is where the natural world intertwined with the Magickal world of Witchcraft to increase the potency of your spells. 

Herbs are more than just plants, they are the vessels of nature's energy and carry unique properties. Whether it is protection, love, prosperity or spiritual growth that you're seeking, there's an herb that aligns with your intentions. 

At The Love Witch, we carry Lavender, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Jasmine and Sea Moss (and maybe more in the future!)

Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties. It can be used to promote tranquility and alleviate stress in healing spells. It can also be used to bring peace to an emotional connection - romantic or not. Lavender is also used to smooth out conflicts in between people, so it is absolutely great for reconciliation spells!

Rose Petals are closely associated with love and beauty. Naturally, they can be used in love spells and glamour spells. You can use rose petals in love spells to attract a relationship, a specific person or even a soulmate. They can also be used to enhance your personal beauty, increase your confidence and make you more charismatic.

Chamomile is a gentle and versatile herb that can be used in multiple spells ranging from healing to love to luck. Use chamomile in your healing spells to increase the feeling on calmness and peace, and even relieve you of stress and anxiety. *Do note that Witchcraft is NOT an alternative to medical assistance and you should visit a medical practitioner for health related matters. Including chamomile in your love spells will help in increasing the positive energy in a romantic connection and reduce potential conflicts. Its gentle energy is said to assist in opening and balancing the heart chakra. Chamomile is also believed to bring about good luck thanks to its positive energies. Using chamomile in your luck spells will help in increasing your good luck and protecting you from negative energies.

Jasmine is often associated with sensuality and spiritual growth. As it's an aphrodisiac (a food, drink, or other thing that stimulates sexual desire), you can use Jasmine in your lust spells to increase passion, desire and intimacy. Combining Jasmine in your rituals/spells that align with the moon phases can also increase the potency of your intentions. 

Last but not least, we have Sea Moss. Best known for its wealth related properties, incorporating it in your prosperity and abundance spells will truly help you with reaping the benefits of your spell. 

Herbs are a good way to boost the efficacy and potency of your spells. As seen above, many herbs are very versatile can be used for various different spells so what's the harm in buying a few to incorporate into your spells. 

Come visit The Love Witch at Sim Lim Square #02-28 to grab yourself some herbs today!

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