Karmic Repercussions and Black Arts

Karmic Repercussions and Black Arts

A common question we hear here at The Love Witch is, “If I use Black Magick/Arts, will I get any karmic repercussions?” Let us break down Black Magick/Arts together to help you understand better.

Black Magick (also known as Black Arts) is a type of magick that is usually classified as “chaotic”. It is known to employ methods that are often deemed as evil, harmful or ethically questionable and uses curses, hexes, manipulation and even potential infliction of harm upon others, for personal gain. However, the truth is, sometimes we need Black Magick to deal with chaotic situations or against the true evil of humans. In such situations, let’s label black magick as the “‘mafia” and white magick as the “police”. It is true that sometimes with the law and police, some people get away with the justice system — and on the other hand, perhaps getting the mafias would be a more effective solution to deal with such people who escaped the system! Black Magick has the same logic — it can help deal against the true evil of humans and bring the justice you need. While Black Magick is undeniably linked to intentions perceived as negative, it can also be used for purposes of personal growth and empowerment. For example, black magick can also help to gain the deepest empowerment of charisma and seduction and the freedom out of one’s insecurities. Dark magick is known to ease one out of negativity as well.

Magickal Arts are a spectrum and someone who practices Black Magick can also practice White Magick and this does not brand them as a good/bad person specifically. Different types of Magick are used for different purposes. White Magick is generally used for healing and protection type of spells. You can read more in our blog about working with deities!

The question of, ““If I use Black Magick/Arts, will I get any karmic repercussions?” can be answered by reflecting on why you want to use Black Magick. If it’s for petty revenge or merely to cause harm upon another for no reason, Karma will do its job and balance out the scales by doing to you what you did upon others. However, if your reasoning is justified, there’s no reason to be worried about karmic repercussions. Karma is a whole different concept to the spectrum of magick used — but it is linked to your intentions upon others and the world!

If you’re unsure if your reasoning is justified, you can always go for a tarot reading just to double confirm. Better safe than sorry, right?

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