Mercury In Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury In Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury in Retrograde is coming soon on 1st April (no, it’s not a joke) and here’s what you need to know!

What is Mercury in Retrograde (mRx) ?

Mercury is the planet that rules over communication, technology and travel. When Mercury is in Retrograde, it makes Mercury look like it’s moving backward in its orbit. This happens multiple times a year and tends to bring about plenty of disruptions, misunderstandings and glitches in various aspects of our lives - making it the perfect reminder from the Universe to slow down, reflect and realign with our higher self. 

Here’s your survival guide:

1. Grounding Rituals are going to carry you to “safety”

We can't stress how important it is to ground yourself during mRx. Meditation, connecting with nature and practicing yoga (to anchor yourself and your energy) will aid you in staying centered amidst the chaos mRx brings. 

2. Spells to enhance communication

Miscommunications are the main “symptom” of mRx. Get through/over/past (whichever you choose) this by empowering your communication with spells. Use our Charged Orange Candles to strengthen your communication or our Charged Blue Candles to transform the way you communicate so that miscommunications are less likely to happen. Lastly, you can also use our Charged Lavender Candles to calm yourself and regulate your emotions if you find yourself/the people around you getting agitated by miscommunications. 

3. Halt your traveling plans or have backup plans

Travel plans tend to go haywire during mRx so have backup plans or if possible, try to delay your delay plans. If you really have to travel, we would recommend burning a Charged White Candle paired with our Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. These will help with protecting you on your journeys and smoothening out any unexpected bumps in the road.

4. Get ready for your technology to turn against you

As mentioned before, Mercury governs technology so get ready for your electronics to start acting up during mRx. Safeguard your devices with a protection spell - you may use our Charged White Candle paired with our Fiery Wall of Protection Oil to ward off any glitches and malfunction

5. Come out as a “new” person

mRx is the ideal time for you to do shadow work so you can come out of this as a newer and healed version of yourself that aligns with your higher self. Dive into your subconscious and confront unresolved issues that are stunting your personal growth and transformation. You may read more about shadow work in our blog here. 

mRx brings it’s fair share of challenges to help us grow into a version of ourselves that serves our higher purpose. We can navigate these cosmic challenges by grounding ourselves, empowering our communication and embracing these opportunities for reflection, growth and rebirth. 

Wishing everyone a smooth Mercury in Retrograde!

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