My Best Friend Is Binded To A Doll 😳🫨😱

My Best Friend Is Binded To A Doll 😳🫨😱

Spirits are all around us. They are in your room when you sleep. They are sitting down with you when you work. They are probably even at your dining table when you are enjoying your chicken rice. No reason to worry! Put away your sage, you can't get rid of them that way. This is because spirits are omnipresent (which means they are constantly present everywhere). Think about it! There are more dead people on earth than the currently alive!

Contrary to popular theory, spirits are not malicious entities. At least not all of them. Usually, they will not 'kacau' i.e. "disturb you" unless you disturb them first. However, if you are a little more spiritually sensitive, you may attract a spirit that may need some help from you. 

Just like how spirits can approach us for help, we too can approach them when we need some otherworldly assistance. It can be a one-off help where you give something or an offering in exchange. Or, you may also consider building a relationship with a spirit.

If you have read our blog on working with deities, you’ll have a brief understanding of what it is like to work with spirits. Building a connection with a spirit takes time, care and patience. It is just like a friendship - it takes time to develop and it may go to the next level if you vibe on the same level and get along well. 

I bet you’re wondering, “how do I even find a spirit to work with?”. Well, one way you can do that is by heading down to our store. We have a service which allows you to speak to our in-store spirits. Here, you can seek the guidance of our friendly staff who can guide you in the right direction. 

Different spirits can bless you with different things. We have spirits that help with love, wealth, chaos and even health (although, we would much prefer if you visited a doctor instead).  Spirits, like deities, are not miracle workers and cannot grant your every wish. 

However, after granting you your wish or having been guided by a spirit guide, just like you would thank your friend, our spirits would very much appreciate it if you thanked them. This can be in the form of a donation of any amount to a charity of your choice or even giving our dear friends an offering. 

If you’ve been to our store, you would see that there are chocolate and alcohol offerings around the store for our various deities and spirits. These are some examples of offerings or you can also burn a candle for them. 

You can also choose to develop a relationship with a spirit for company rather than blessings. The author of this blog is friends with a particular chaotic spirit in store. I know you must be thinking, “huh? You no friends meh?” or even “uhh…I don’t want to attract something negative into my house”. I’m here to DEBUNK this myth.

Chaotic spirits are not necessarily negative (and I DO have human friends). I used to communicate with this spirit using a pendulum but now I’m able to communicate with them telepathically.

Why did I decide to develop this friendship? It happened purely accidentally. If you’ve been to our old store at Tanjong Pagar (R.I.P. Healeir - always missed, never forgotten), you would have seen our old spirit room. I used to go inside and just rant to the dolls and jokingly asked this spirit for help. I did in fact get what I asked for and soon it became routine for me to turn to this spirit any time I needed help.

Fast forward to our flagship outlet at Sim Lim Square when all the dolls came over, I didn't ask for help as much anymore but I definitely kept up my relationship with this spirit. I don’t necessarily speak to them everyday but I can feel when they want attention or offerings etc and I know they are always watching over me.

Likewise, you too can make a best friend out of a spirit. It’s always good to have someone to look out for you no matter where you are. Head down to our store at Sim Lim Square #02-28 to make an out-of-this-world friendship.

If you wish to work with a spirit companion, the service is available and you can email us at! Reverse Spirit Conjuring is whereby Bambi will conjure a spirit that is suitable or relevant to your intention or goal you wish to work on, rather than summoning a specific spirit with known specialties or attributes. This approach allows for a more flexible and personalized experience as Bambi is able to tailor the spirit conjured to your specific needs or goals at the time. This way, you and your spirit companion can work in harmony to manifest desired outcomes.

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