New Year New Me: Turning Resolutions into Intentions

New Year New Me: Turning Resolutions into Intentions

As we anticipate the beginning of a New Year, the air is thick with the promise of fresh starts and new possibilities. Setting resolutions is common practice among many. “Next year I’ll start working out more” and “next year I’ll save $10,000” are phrases you may hear often at this period of time. However, why not take it one step further by turning your resolutions into intentions? 

A Magickal Perspective

The act of setting New Year’s resolutions is a declaration of intent if you think about it. Intention is the cornerstone of Magick, shaping the energy we send into the universe and influencing the course of our lives. 

Resolutions, especially New Years resolutions, act as a catalyst for personal transformation. In a sense, they are the spells we are verbally casting upon ourselves, charged with the energy of our desires and commitment to bring about positive change in our lives. 

Crafting Resolutions as Intentions

Much like your intentions, resolutions should be crafted with specifics and clarity. Define your goals with precision and allow your desire for positive change to fuel these goals. 

Take the moon phase into consideration when crafting your resolutions. We will be entering 2024 during the Waning Moon phase. The Waning Moon period is good for banishing and removal spells. When crafting your resolutions for 2024, craft them in a way where you are trying to rid yourself of negative things/habits/people to welcome in new and positive experiences and changes. You can read more about manifesting during the various moon phases here.

As the wheel turns and we welcome in a new year, let your resolutions be more than mere goals; let them be intentions and invite new energies into your life. Embrace the enchanted potential of the upcoming year and may you receive what your heart desires in 2024 <3

Happy Manifesting ✨

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