The Moon and Her Power

The Moon and Her Power

Today, let’s embark on a magical journey and explore the potent energy of the moon. The moon is not merely a celestial sphere to those who practice Witchcraft. It is a cosmic guide, source of energy and a canvas for manifestation. 

In this blog, we will be delving deeper into the lunar phases, art of moon manifestation and the tools that can amplify your connection to the moon’s divine energy. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or you are just starting out, manifesting with the potent energies of the moon will help bring out the best results for you. 

New Moon Magick

Nature’s blank canvas allows you to set new intentions during this period. Plant the seeds of your desire during this time and watch it grow slowly. Think of your intentions ahead of time, and meditate with them on the day of the New Moon. Think about the steps required to achieve this intention of yours and envision yourself taking these steps. 

Waxing Moon Magick

As the Moon grows in the sky, so will your intentions. Likewise, let your intentions grow with the moon. This is the best time to do growth spells for your intentions. Use this period to start taking the steps required to achieve your intentions. 

Full Moon Magick 

This pinnacle of lunar energy, the Full Moon. The Moon bathes us all in her radiant glow during this period, giving us the extra push we need for our manifestations. If the time is right, this is the perfect time for your intentions to be “harvested” and come to fruition. Otherwise, continue culminating your intentions with the heightened energy of the moon. 

Waning Moon Magick 

Use this time to banish and cleanse any negativity around your intentions. Bad thoughts? Banish them! Obstacles? Banish them! Use this period to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Write down everything you wish to release, and burn it. As it burns, envision your troubles, worries and obstacles turning into ash. 

Super Moon Magic

A Super Moon occurs when the Full Moon is at its closest point to earth in its orbit. This proximity makes the moon look larger and brighter than usual, in the night sky. Many believe that the Super Moon has heightened energy due to its size and shine during this special time, making it the perfect moment for manifestations and special rituals. 

Eclipse Magick

Manifesting during an eclipse can be powerful as eclipses are considered as significant cosmic events. Eclipses are caused by the alignment of the sun, moon and earth, creating potent energy that can influence collective and personal transformations.

Did you know you can use “tools” to help boost your intentions? 

Moon Bundle Kits

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Moonwater is an excellent tool in banishing and cleansing. This versatile tool is used widely in Witchcraft to amplify intentions and banishing negative energies out of spaces. 

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As you embark on your lunar journey to better manifestation, remember that the moon is a guidance force and a celestial ally. Embrace the Moon’s magick and start manifesting with her today!

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