What is Manifestation?

What is Manifestation?

A question we often get is: How do I manifest certain spelled jewellery/oils/candles? 


Manifestation in a sense is alike making birthday wishes on a candle flame. When manifesting, throw out your intentions and wishes and wait for the universe to grant your wishes. This takes several moon cycles or months to manifest.

While manifesting, remember to focus on your intentions and wishes. Tools such as Charged Candles, Spellcast Jewellery, and Ritual Oils help in your manifestation of intentions and wishes. 

Manifestation works best when using a combination of Charged Candles, Spellcast Jewellery, and Ritual Oils while setting your intentions and wishes.


Intention Setting

Intention Setting infographic



1. Have a rough idea in mind of what you want

2. Think about target or situation

3. Hold spelled item in hand, close to heart

4. Close eyes and clear your mind

5. Think about target or situation again

6. In your mind, recite affirmative sentences of outcome (e.g. I will get five thousand dollars by the end of april; I will get XX to be in a relationship with me by the end of the year).

After intention has been set, make it a habit to think about intention every day, just remember, the stronger and more constant the intention is thought about, the higher the rate of manifestation.


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