You’re attracting little bits of bad karma everyday

You’re attracting little bits of bad karma everyday

Karma is a topic we often address be it our Instagram stories/reels or here on our blog. If you’ve visited us at our store before, chances are we’ve mentioned that you need to be wary of karmic consequences at least once before. 

Just a quick recap - Karma is the universal judging law of cause and effect. Meaning anything you do, good or bad, will come back to you tenfold one way or another. While we usually only talk about how our personal actions affect our karma, we think it’s time to inform you how you can in fact get karmic repercussions from being a bystander.

How many times have you seen something unfair being done to someone else and you stayed silent about it or you observed instead of intervening. To you it may be like, “aiya, if I say something I will get problem only la” or “I say anything or not also no difference la.” 

Reminder that every thought, action and choice you make contributes to the increase of your good/bad karma. When you witness wrongdoing and choose to not help, you are allowing negative energy to take over and enabling injustice.

When you refuse to stand up for what’s right, you not only hinder your own spiritual growth (which helps you align with your higher self thus making it easier to manifest), you also contribute to the imbalance of energy in the world. Just like how positive actions creates good karma for yourself, the absence of action can attract negative energy into our lives.

The universe and its energy operates on being interconnected (cue the “interlinked” audio on tiktok). When you allow harm to occur to someone, you disrupt the natural flow of balance and harmony which can manifest in your life in various ways like mini misfortunes to huge upheavals (picture the Tower card in Tarot).

Okay but not all is lost. Now that you know that there’s karmic consequences of being a bystanders, we hope you make the conscious effort to make positive changes in your life, society and in the world. Speak out against injustice, lend a helping hand and offer support to those in needs. 

Every act of kindness, no matter how big or small, will contribute to positive energy not just in your life but in the universe too. Engage in acts of compassion and offset the negative effects of bystander inaction.

We hope that you’ve learned how being a bystander doesn’t mean it’s a neutral stand. Don’t accidentally invite negative energy into your life by standing idle when someone else is faced with unfairness. Align yourself with the forces of good and contribute to the creation of your good karma. If everyone steps in and helps out a little, the world will be a better place <3

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