Your Summarised Guide To Working with Deities

Your Summarised Guide To Working with Deities

The relationship between humans and deities is as old as time. Many people seek to connect with these divine beings to gain guidance, protection, wisdom, or to simply nurture a connection. 

Understanding Deities

Deities are entities that exist beyond our physical realm. They often hold significant influence or power in specific aspects of life. These include (but not limited to) love, fertility, wisdom and even nature. 

You can begin by reading up on the various deities and identify the ones that resonate with you on a personal or spiritual level.

Not sure how to do this? Head down to The Love Witch and hover your hand over our deity portals. You may also approach any of our staff to request for assistance/ guidance. If any of them feel hot, cold, give off a tingly sensation or even goosebumps, it may mean that you might have a connection to work with the deity at this point of time. It is important to note that you may not be meant to work with certain deities in this life or at this specific time of your life but that is not to say you can’t work with them at all. 

It is not necessary to purchase a portal however it is definitely recommended especially for beginners. It provides you a physical and visual representation of the deity you are working with.

You may communicate with the deity either by using our charged pendulum or meditating and writing down any notable phrases or images you may see/hear. You may journal these messages down to record your progress and journey with the deity. You may also use this time to state your intentions clearly. 

Building and Maintaining a Relationship

Building and enduring a connection with deities requires time, patience and ongoing effort. 

  1. You will have to regularly engage with your deities to maintain the connection. Consistency helps in building trust and rapport. 
  2. Deepen your understanding of the deity by seeking knowledge to strengthen your relationship. 
  3. Trust your intuition when interpreting signs or messages from the deities. 
  4. Understand that deities have their own boundaries too and they may not always grant your every wish or request
  5. You can establish a dedicated space to put your portal such as an altar or bring your portal around with you.
  6. It is also recommended to leave offerings for the deity to thank them for their guidance and to forge a deeper connection. You may refer to our website to read up on what you leave as offerings for the respective deities. 

When your manifestation comes true, it’s important to give thanks to the deity. You can do this by burning a candle or you may also make a donation of any amount you are comfortable with to any charity of your choice. 

White, Grey, Dark and Black Arts/Magick

Different deities use different types of magickal arts - 

White Magick is the practice of using positive intentions, healing, protection and blessings for great good. White Magick deities use this magick to bring about beneficial outcomes which generally focus on healing, protection, love, guidance and spiritual growth. 

Some examples of deities that use White Magick are:

  • Goddess Kannon
  • Goddess Nanshe
  • President Marbas
  • Goddess Aphrodite
  • Goddess Freyja
  • Goddess Brigid
  • Goddess Eir 
  • Goddess Fortuna

Grey Magick represents the middle ground between Dark Magick and White Magick. Grey Magick deities do not strictly adhere to either White or Dark magick but rather a more nuanced path. The Darker magick used in Grey Magick is usually for Good Purpose.

Some examples of deities that use Grey Magick are:

  • Goddess Lilith 
  • Goddess Hecate
  • Marquis Ronove
  • King Mammon
  • Ba’al
  • Goddess Athena

Dark Magick uses practices that are generally considered malevolent, harmful or morally questionable for curses that bring about good purposes. An example would be getting one’s rightful justice. It also involves using shadow work which can lead to personal growth and self-awareness. It is important to note that karma plays a part in everything that we do. Any negative energy that is sent out to the universe will return to you. However, there are instances where you may curse someone because it is justified and you will receive good karma as you are helping the universe balance out the karmic scales. If you do curse someone and it is not justified, you will only be expediting your own bad karma. This doesn't mean you can't use Dark Magick for good purposes!

Some examples of deities that use Dark Magick are:

  • Hades
  • Lord Lucifer
  • King Belial
  • Duke Bune
  • Lady Rashoon

Black Magick is the usage of “chaotic” energy against chaos. Like Grey Magick, it uses practices that are considered malevolent, harmful or ethically/morally questionable. Black Magick involves curses, hexes, possible harm to others, manipulation and personal gain. It is typically used with intentions that are self-serving. While Black Magick is generally associated with harm, it can also be used as a means of personal empowerment or self-discovery. That is not to say it cannot be used for good purposes too!

Some examples of deities that use Black Magick are:

  • Abaddon
  • Satan

Working with deities and spirits is a profound and enriching journey. It offers opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development among other things.

Start your journey with sincerity, respect and an open heart to get the most out of this transformative and enlightening experience. 

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