How would you feel if someone you don’t want to be with tried to place a love spell on you, forcing you to be with them. Wouldn’t you be upset that they’re making you fall in love with them against your own free will?

Now take that feeling and imagine how your crush/ex would feel if they found out that you were trying to force them to be together with you against their own free will. They would feel the same way as you do wouldn’t they?

We receive multiple emails, requests and DMs constantly about people trying to reconcile with an ex or wanting to get together with their specific person (SP). We always ask these cases to go for a tarot session with Bambi first. Why? So that Bambi can read into both sides of the situation. 

Sometimes, your SP can in fact be swayed with magick and manifestation. This makes it easier (and more ethical) for you to use our spelled products. However, some of your SPs don’t want a SINGLE THING to do with y’all. They would prefer to lose their wallet with their IC inside than to date you. Yes, it’s harsh but it’s the truth. This is when Bambi would ask you to redirect your energies and attention somewhere else. 

BUT some of y’all are still very persistent (and we respect that) and STILL want to try manifesting them. I mean, go ahead because who are we to stop you. At the end of the day, tarot is not set in stone and can always change. HOWEVER we need to draw the line at trying to bend their free will. At the end of the day, your SP is still a human being and is able to make their own choices and fall for whoever they wish to fall for. 

Our spelled products and spells can only do so much. We would NEVER attempt to bend your SP’s freewill, especially because, if it was meant to be, Bambi's cards would’ve said so. Trying to bend someone’s freewill is not only unethical but it’s also close to impossible. Even if you manage to miraculously bend someone’s freewill to make them fall in love with you, now you have to live with the fact that they don’t love you for you. They love you because you spent all that money doing something unethical just because you only wanted THIS person.

We get it, there are some people that we really want. BUT BENDING SOMEONE’S FREEWILL IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. You can try approaching them differently or giving it a rest before going back to them. Don’t stop manifesting it but don’t cross the line. 

Moreover, they may be destined for other things and you attempting to bend their may disrupt what's in store for them. Do you really want to bear the burden of being the reason why they didn't get certain experiences that were meant for them?

If we could bend someone else’s freewill, Ryan Gosling would be dating me instead. So please, don’t fall for listings that say “100% WILL WORK BEND SOMEONE'S FREE WILL MAKE THEM FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU”. 

If you want to (ethically) manifest your SP, we would recommend the following

1. Tarot with Bambi

Let Bambi read both sides of the situation and see if this relationship is truly what you need and is meant for you.

2. Love Root (Bulu Perindu) Oil

This oil is definitely this writer’s favorite oil. The root inside is an ESSENTIAL ingredient in many Indonesian Shamans’ love spells. If you put 2 of the roots side by side, they eventually get pulled together and intertwine with each other (just like you and your SP). It also works wonders with manifesting your SP (of course with regular manifesting and human effort). It is best paired with our Lovers Candle and Charged Red Candle.

3. Make Them Devoted Necklace

Use this necklace to sway your SP into wanting to be in a relationship with you. The desire to be with you will be increased. This necklace is one of our best-sellers for a reason. 

We wish you all the best in your (ethical) manifesting. Do feel free to reach out to us at hello@lovewitch.sg or @thelovewitchsg on Instagram if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can always drop by our store at Sim Lim Square #02-28 and our friendly staff will assist you. We’re always rooting for you and hope to see you get together with you SP soon enough <3