A Guide To Sigils: Their Power and Purpose

A Guide To Sigils: Their Power and Purpose

Sigils are one of the oldest forms of Magick, dating back to the Neolithic period (New Stone Age, 7000-1700BCE). Derived from the Latin word sigillum (which means seal), Sigils are symbols/glyphs that represent the intentions one wishes to manifest. This fascinating form of Magick has been used for centuries by Magickal Practitioners. 

The heart of Sigil Magick is Intention Magick. Sigils are usually created to manifest one’s desires/intentions by focusing, directing and distilling one’s energy onto a symbol. As with every intention and manifestation practice, the simpler and more direct it is, the more effective the sigil will be. 

Sigils can be used to manifest a multitude of things - wealth, love, success; you name it and it's yours. The more common uses are manifestation, protection and divination. 

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a sigil, you may be wondering how to use it. Here are a few methods you can consider: 

  1. In Your Meditation: Meditate on the sigil while focusing on the desired outcome. Imagine your intention coming to fruition while concentrating on the symbol.
  2. As A Talisman/Amulet: If your sigil has been charged to protect you, you can carry it around with you to keep your intention close at all times. 
  3. In Candle Magick: Inscribe your intention on the respective candle that aligns with your intention and burn it while focusing on the symbol.

Sigils are powerful tools to Magick Practitioners thanks to their ability to manifest intentions with the power of focused intent and Symbolism Magick. While Sigil Magick may seem complex, it’s easy to incorporate into one’s spiritual practices.