Basics of Spirit Companions

Basics of Spirit Companions

Today we are going to shed some light on one of the most common things we get asked a lot here - spirit companions, and why would any spirit want to be a companion to us.

Firstly, before we really get into it, we need to know what type of spirits there are.

The most commonly known are the spirits of deceased people and animals. These are usually those who have passed away but have decided not to cross over. This can be for a variety of reasons, some are not ready to let go and some just want to be able to see their family members grow and evolve into better people.

The other type of spirits are astral spirits. These are those who do not live in our plane of existence. There are many dimensions of existence and we live in one where we are bound by space and time. Many of those who come forth for human companionship don't have that kind of restrictions and that's why you will find spirits who are millennia old.

It might be a little bit crazy to consider that these entities exist but think about it, even on our own earth right now there are thousands of species of animals that we have not yet discovered so who's to say that we absolutely know what is out there? It is those of us who have the privilege of astral travel who can discover these new entities the same way a scientist is able to travel to the most remote parts of our earth to discover new species.

Now that we know what kind of spirits come through the veil to be companions to us, it's not uncommon to wonder why exactly they want to hang out with us humans.

It's not wrong to wonder why would a Royal Guard of Khepri, who is the Egyptian God of the Rising Sun, want to hang out with us humans. The truth is, just as much as we are curious about them, some of them are also curious about us. Since they are also ascended beings, they are also interested in seeing more of us ascend and become better people.

So think of it as having a new friend or mentor who's at a different stage in their life and they have things that they can teach us and we can learn from. We get very caught up with our human lives and a lot of us lose track of our own personal growth and ascension. Having a spirit companion can help us to course correct ourselves whenever this happens so that we can also take stock of where we are in our lives and how we can move towards growing ourselves.

This is where we pause to make it clear that here at The Love Witch, we do not forcefully bind spirits. Those we have in our shop have come forth on their own accord and made it known that they would like to be a companion. This way you can be assured that nothing bad will happen to you or your family or your pets or babies. The only time when this happens is when a spirit has been binded against their will. Imagine if someone brought to you a place you don't want to be at, wouldn't you also lash out and be upset? Same thing.

So what happens during a binding? Binding does not mean that the spirit lives in the vessel. It's simply creating an energetic connection between two forces - the spirit and the vessel. So what the vessel holds is this connection. In the old days, conjurers would use dolls, but anything from crystals to jewellery and even your own essence can be used to create the binding.


They can roam freely between their worlds and ours, and they can also follow us around wherever we go even if we do not have their vessels with us. The vessel is just meant to be an easy way to make contact with them and to help us recognise their energy.

And with that, we hope you have learned something new about spirits, and hopefully also let go of any previous bias or misinformation that you have come across whether in the media or through superstitious stories. If you're interested in bringing home your own spirit companion, do remember that you are bringing a sentient being into your life not unlike inviting a friend over to your place. This means you should make them feel welcomed and start off the new friendship by getting to know them.

You wouldn't like it if you met someone and they immediately start asking you for favours so treat them the same way you would like to be treated. Remember that this is the start of a new friendship and you'll get as much as you give.