Understanding Colour Magick

Understanding Colour Magick

In Witchcraft, colours are often associated with specific energies and intentions. The use of colours is a form sympathetic magick which can also be known as symbolism/visualisation magick. This is when the colour/image of an item is believed to amplify the intention and energy behind a spell or ritual. 

Some of the common colours are: 

1. Red

Red is commonly associated with love, lust and passion in Witchcraft. Red candles are often used in love spells. You can use red candles to attract a (new) relationship or a lover, improve your current relationships (romantic and platonic) or even manifest a specific person (romantically).

2. Blue

Blue is commonly associated with healing and transformation in Witchcraft. Blue candles are often used in healing spells (that being said, we would strongly recommend seeking professional medical help as Witchcraft products and services SHOULD NOT be considered a replacement for medical assistance). You can use blue candles to heal yourself and others, change mindsets to make them more positive and improve/heal your connections (platonic, professional, familial and romantic).

3. Green

Green is commonly associated with wealth, abundance, money and riches in Witchcraft. Green candles are often used in wealth, asset and money related spells. You can use green candles to open pathways for money to flow in, attract money or even land a new job.

4. Pink

Pink is commonly associated with self-care and self-love in Witchcraft. You can use pink candles to increase feelings of self-love for yourself or others and also open yourself/your target to being more open to love spells.

5. Orange

Orange is commonly associated with motivation, energy and willpower in Witchcraft. Orange candles are often used to help push someone closer to achieving their goals. You can use orange candles to help you feel motivated you so stop procrastinating, strengthening your willpower and reigniting a flame in your life. 

6. Yellow

Yellow is commonly associated with creativity, confidence and inspiration in Witchcraft. Yellow candles are often used in spells that increase one's inspiration or enhance communication. You can use yellow candles to boost your confidence, make yourself more creative and raise your energy. 

7. Black

Black is commonly associated with banishing and cursing in Witchcraft. Black candles are often used in rituals to ward off harm or dispel negativity. You can use black candles to do protective rituals for yourself and others, end situations, banish people from your life or curse someone. Do note that cursing spells have to be justified otherwise you may receive bad karma from the spell. To find out if your reasoning is justified, you will have to go through a tarot reading. 

8. Silver

Silver is commonly associated with reflecting negativity in Witchcraft. You can use silver candles to reflect hexes/curses that have been sent your way or returning any evil eye sent to you, back to its sender. 

9. White 

White is commonly associated with purification and protection in Witchcraft. White candles are often used in purification rituals. You can use white candles to recharge your spellcast items, protection rituals and purifying yourself/your space. 

10. Gold

Gold is commonly associated with wealth and amplifying spellwork in Witchcraft. You can use gold candles along side your other spells/rituals to boost the efficacy of the ritual or manifest riches and wealth. 

These associations can vary among different traditions and individual practitioners, and personal interpretations may differ. The use of colors in witchcraft is a tool for focusing intention and energy, and the specific meanings and uses of colors can be quite flexible.