Understanding Karmic Debt

Understanding Karmic Debt

In the world of Witchcraft and spirituality, the concept of karma is something that comes up ever so often. We at The Love Witch in fact talk, blog and post about karma so so so often. The concept of past life karmic debt is fascinating yet complex and something we don’t talk about as often. It’s believed that our souls journey through multiple lifetimes and the actions we make in each life creates karmic imprints that can carry on to the next life if it is not fully paid back within that lifetime. These karmic imprints are known as karmic debt and can heavily influence our present life and shape our daily experiences, past, present and future relationships and obstacles we face. 

Karmic debt refers to the unresolved issues and lessons from our past lives that we carried into our current lifetime. According to the law of karma, every action has consequences and the energy you put into the universe returns to you tenfold. Positive actions create good karma whereas negative actions result in bad karma. If the action is bad/negative enough and can’t be cleared in that life, it creates karmic debt. This debt manifests in various aspects of your current life which presents itself as: recurring patterns, unresolved conflicts and conflicts that feel inexplicably difficult to overcome.

There are certain signs and patterns that can help one recognize that they are in fact dealing with karmic debt. 

  1. Recurring patterns: Repeated experiences or themes in your life that make you feel like you’re in a cycle/loop. Failed relationships, infidel partners, financial difficulties and persistent health issues are the common few.
  2. Unresolved relationships: Strong, intense connections with certain people in your life (regardless of whether your relationship with them is positive or negative) can suggest a karmic bond that needs to be resolved, a lesson that needs to be learned or “revenge” that needs to be carried out (e.g. you did them wrong in a past life or vice versa).
  3. Deep-seated fears or phobias: Unexplained fears of phobias that don’t seem to have stemmed from your current life might be remnants of past life traumas. 
  4. Intuitive insights: Sometimes, intuitive feelings or dreams can provide glimpses into past lives and reveal aspects of karmic debt that need your attention. 

The best way to resolve karmic debt is by addressing it. This requires a combination of introspection, healing practices and consciously acting. Here are some things you can do:

1. Self-reflect and meditation: Spend time in silence meditation and focusing on areas of your life where you feel stuck or challenged. Ask yourself if these patterns could be related to past life experiences and rely on your intuition (or if you work with any deities you could ask them too) to answer your question. 

  1. Past Life Regression: You may considering undergoing past life regression therapy if you are determined to access memories from your past life and identifying the origins of your karmic debt. 
  2. Forgiveness and letting go: Practice forgiving everyone (including yourself) regardless of the “crime”. Letting go of past grudges and negative emotions is essential to resolving karmic debt.
  3. Healing practices: Engage in healing practices such as reiki, crystal healing and energy work to release negative energies and promote balance. 
  4. Actively engage in positive actions and behaviors in this lifetime. They can be as small as donating money, helping someone in need or volunteering during your free time. By cultivating kindness, compassion and generosity, you can create positive karma that will help to balance and resolve past life debts. 

You can also always turn to witchcraft to enhance your karmic debt removal/reduction work

  1. Spellwork and rituals: Set your intentions along the lines of healing, purifying and transforming on a Charged White Candle that is paired with our Transformation Oil and Health and Healing Oil. As you’re lighting up your candle visualize yourself releasing any negative karmic ties
  2. Go for a tarot session with Bambi to gain insight into your karmic debt. Ask about your past life influences and ask her for guidance on how to address them.

Understanding and working on your karmic debt is a tumultuous task that requires patience, dedication and an open mind. By actively recognising the signs of karmic debt and engaging in healing practices, you can transform negative patterns and foster personal growth. Embrace this journey and use it as an opportunity to evolve and create a more balanced, fulfilling life. Remember, the goal is not only to resolve your karmic debt but to also live a life filled with positive energy and minimal negativity.