My manifestations aren't coming true :( WHAT TO DOOOO?

My manifestations aren't coming true :( WHAT TO DOOOO?

Do you feel like you have been manifesting for months with minimal result? Do you feel like giving up and that nothing is going your way? Have you tried every possible manifestation method you have heard of from Tiktok? If you answered yes then continue reading. We've all been there at least once - welcome to the club. 

Your desires are your birth right - you want what you want because you know that a version of you in the future already has it. So why is it that your intentions take about 2-8 moon cycles (which translates into 2-8 months) to manifest into fruition? In this 2-8 months, you are expected to "work" for it. If you want a job, go out and look for one or improve yourself so that employers would want to hire you. You can't expect employers to hire you if you don't even apply for jobs in the first place right? Don't whine about wanting a boyfriend/girlfriend if you aren't going to leave the safe sanctuary of under your blanket to go out and meet people.

The universe will only give you your manifestations when it sees fit. That is why you have to go out and put in the work to show the universe that you are deserving of what you are asking for. 

Okay so you are putting in the effort but you're still not getting your manifestations. "WHYY? WHY ME?" That's because you are doubting your manifestations. You may be consciously or even subconsciously thinking "it's taking so long it's never going to happen". To combat this, you have to wholeheartedly believe that what you have manifested is on the way. Think about it like you are ordering food off of delivery - after placing your order you know it's coming. Sometimes you're not sure what time it's coming but 1 thing is guaranteed - you are getting that pepperoni pizza you ordered.

Likewise, you have already placed an "order" for your manifestations to the universe. All you have to do, is wait. 

Have you ever thought about all the possible ways what you are manifesting can come true? Have you ever let logic cloud your belief? This could be another factor that is delaying your manifestations. Don't overthink all the situations that could happen for you to get what you want. Just let it happen in its own time. It could happen in the least likely of ways but (like we said previously) it will happen, all you have to do is WAIT. By letting your logical mind overthink all the possible scenarios, not only are you trying to "force" it to happen in that way, you are also indirectly doubting the process. In fact, you reading this blog already proves that you are doubting that your manifestations are going to come true.

Last but not least, you keep harping on when your manifestations are going to come true. Many of us want our manifestations to come true as quickly as possible. Some of us even have a set period of time when we want it to happen. However, have you done the necessary work? Are you really ready to receive what you wished for? If there's one thing you can take away from this blog it's that the universe will give you what you want when it sees fit. So what can you do in the mean time? Work on yourself and WAIT. Sometimes after working on yourself you may even realise that what you were wishing for isn't exactly what you needed anymore.

Our spelled products can only give you a boost for your manifestations, they can't perform miracles and help things happen overnight (well for some lucky few of y'all they can). In some cases, you may have been doing everything we said in this blog and your manifestations still aren't coming true. In this event, we would recommend going for a tarot session with Bambi so she can assess what is hindering you from receiving what you want.

We wish you the very best in your manifestation journey and may all of your intentions arrive promptly.